7 French fashion brands you need to know : Pt 2

Coucou mes petits chats! Finally got the time to write this second part, please check out part 1 if you haven’t!


Created by childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, Bas&sh work with sumptuous fabrics to create femininity and sophistication. What I like about them is they don’t really produce clothing that is “in” for the season. Perfect for your everyday look if your work allows you to be smart causal. It gives you that sexy bits without appearing to be trying too hard.


This is what the Bitton brothers behind the label describes IRO “a cool feminine brand — very accessible, fresh, and sexy all at the same time.” They are french but they have also spent years in New York. IRO is the perfect hybrid of New York street style and Parisienne chic. Since the brothers have spent some years in New York developing his career in music,  and with a family business running in fashion for over 20 years. Their creations are just the perfect marriage of New York downtown coolness and Parisian “I just throw this on” chic.


Princess Tam Tam

If you want lingerie that are feminine, delicate and never too much, Princess Tam Tam is your friend. Don’t be fool by its name, they are not princessy at all. They are very elegant yet sexy, a grown up princess maybe. They are also affordable which is a bonus. I know there are so many sexy and well made lingerie out there, you can find so many of them if you walk into Bon Marche’s lingerie department! But this one is like the best of both world! They are practical which you can wear everyday, because they actually give you enough coverage, unlike the ultra sexy ones that barely covers anything. They are now having a crossover with Uniqlo! Which the pricing is even more friendly, girls who are new to Princess Tam Tam should definitely check it out!


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