Wearing red lipsticks can instantly boast your mood!


Are you a fan of bold red lips? Do you think it looks beautiful but worry it would be too attention grabbing? I personally love red lips, but, I know…. it takes hardwork. You put in a lot of effort to keep your lips moisturized and smooth, free from dryness etc. (Including regularly scrubing your lips and moisturize them often…..) But admit it, the moment you have achieved that perfect red lips, you feel so satisfied and it instantly makes you feel a lot more confident!

Sometime when I wear matte red lips to work, I feel like I am carrying the message “I am in charge here”. It is a powerful statement.

And the article here from actually says that it is scientifically proven that wearing red lips does make you feel instantly happy. How cool is that?

Share your pictures below!

xoxo meesh

photo credit Google Image

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