Paris Fashion Week 2015- Chanel Airline takes off at the Grand Palais

It is no surprise that Karl Lagerfeld always manage to wow us. After a cafe, a casino, and a supermarket, this time a Chanel airline themed runway. Karl is obviously trying to take everyone on a Chanel journey!



Photo source

Karl has turned the Grand Palais into a super chic airport terminal, with waiting room, boarding gate No. 5 (Chanel No. 5? Ring a bell? Gabrielle Chanel herself also once said that the number 5 will bring good luck), departure screens (showing flights to Moscow, Shanghai, New York and Rome), check-in kiosks with ticketing agents etc, not to mention handsome pilots and male flight attendants.

airport paris cambon

chanel kendall j

I love their tweed suits, such as the one that Kendall Jenner is sporting on the runway. I personally wouldn’t wear the whole set but I can imagine them looking really chic when wear separately. For example a plain white tee with the tweed skirt or Skinny jeans with the tweed jacket! And that handbag, I want I want I want! It looks more causal then the classic leather ones but it would look so stylish to pair with my winter ensembles.

chanel lightup sandals

Photo source

But oh my god, I do not like their sandals! They just look like Tevas but with lights! Thanks but no thanks!

chanel avaitor shade

I love their pattern this seasons! All plaids in different variations and colors! It has that rebellious chic feel to it. And those little aeroplanes? Oh-so-adorable! I am drooling over them!

chanel mask like eye

The models are sporting oversize mirrored aviator shades and a large area of their eyes painted in light blue, with glitter under their eyes, creating a mask-like shape. I find that quite interesting and I think it shows off the model’s flawless skin in a way. Simple and clean. Their hair are also just super simple and sleek, straight and tied into a low pony tails.

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