Coutour Apple watch – partnering with Hermes



The Apple event which took place on Wednesday in San Francisco has announced a big news! Apple is partnering with French fashion house Hermes for its apple watch! Together they are releasing three different designs of straps from Hermes, from October 5, 2015.

Apple has been trying extremely hard to push the Apple watch to the fashion industry, celebrities like Beyonce and Karl Lagerfeld got them before its launch, Apple is trying to create a trend out of it by major Hollywood stars. But the truth is that, Apple watch itself is not a real watch to luxury shopper.
I have never considered to buy the Apple watch, as it is not a proper watch to me and the device itself cannot work on its own. Or, I just don’t get it, persuade me, if you wish.
Hermes itself stands of impeccable leather craftsmanship, and timeless design. A grandmother can pass on her Birkin to her daughter, and her daughter to grandaughter. But an Apple Watch Hermes? Well, sorry, not really……Just like the Apple iphones, they are not going to last forever, and they will continue to innovate and produce updated versions in a year or so. An apple watch simple won’t last for decades like a real watch.
This is a product combined with the latest technology, along with a timeless strap, which is somewhat contradicting and confusing.
Original Apple watch starting from $549 compare to the Apple watch Hermes collection at $1,250. So it’s easy math, you are paying a lot more for the leather strap which won’t last forever……
The Apple watch itself is pretty much frivolous while the Hermes leather strap is a timeless piece. As much as I love their iPhones, I really don’t see a point of this product, it is full of paradox for me.

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