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I always like to ask new friends this question.

“Do you like you job?”

The reason I love asking this question is, I want to know how many people actually love their job? or love what they are doing? We spent the majority of our day time at work and if we are doing something that we don’t love, that sounds horrible!

Since I am not exactly in love in my day job, I would like to see if there are people (or how many people I know) that love what they do for a living. I have only know 1 friend of mine telling me a positive answer. The friend of mine loves listening to music and have very senitive ears. He is working for a renown headphone company that produces some of the best headphones out there. He gets to test different headsets at work. I can imagine why he said he loves his job, althought it doesn’t make him a rich man and the hours are long.

But everyone else neither said they don’t love it, nor hate it, but it pays the bill, or worse, they would say they hate their job, but for some reason they don’t want to quit yet. Sometimes it is they have a family to support, they have no time to look for a new job with such crazy schedule, etc.

So, I was thinking about my life on my couch today with my laptop, and then I came across this video below.

Do you know where your passion lies? Will you allow yourself to try different things to find out? Finding out and exploring new things takes courage and it is often an impulse, as well. I agree that we all get it wrong sometimes, that we only focus on becoming rich, or to make more money. We totally forgot that we should find our passion and the money will follow.

“Because if you love what you do, you automatically do the other 7 things that lead to success and wealth. You will work hard, you will push yourself, you will persist.”

Share with me your thoughts.

xoxo meesh.

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