honey melty lip treatment essence cream

Vecua honey melty concentrate lip treatment essence cream – Natural ingredients with cute packaging

“Vecua honey melty concentrate lip treatment essence cream” oh la la, what a long product name!

honey melty lip treatment essence cream

I am a big fan of products that are made with natural ingredients, like lavendar, rose, honey, etc. So naturally, I picked up this lovely honey lip treatment on my Tokyo shopping spree.

honey melty lip treatment essence cream 2

This honey lip treatment is in a cute little pot, with french printed on it. (As well as many other Japanese brands and products, they love using French!) Once you opened the pot, you can smell honey immediately. It is smells so divine, it is literally just like a small pot of honey! I was attracted by the look of the corner at the begining, as well as the packaging. So I tried a little on the back of my hand and I fell in love with it.

honeylip 3

When I looked at the price tag approx (approx. 3,500Yen / HK$200), I thought it is more expensive than I thought. Or maybe it is just because I don’t know the brand, so I assumed it wouldn’t cost that much. I walked away from the corner after seeing the price tag to prevent myself to do any impulse buying, thinking to myself that this cute little pot of honey would cost as much as my Holy Grail lip essence Dior Addict lip maximizer.


Well, an hour later, I demanded that we have to go back to the department store Printemp, where the Vecua corner is to purchase it. Taking a bet that this treatment essence cream will be just as good as my Dior Addict lip maximizer.

Main ingredients: Honey, royal jelly, chamomile extract, shea butter, mango seed oil, citron fruit extract.

You see? all natural goodies! A big plus for me! 🙂

How to use – I usually apply it at night, as the texture of the cream itself is quite thick and you wouldn’t be able to put on another lip color.

Thought of meesh – The result did not disappoint at all! I love this product! It makes your lip feels so good and soothing. It is definitely a luxurious bed time ritual for your lips. It doesn’t feel sticky at all, and you will wakeup havingirresistible soft lips, totally kissable!

xoxo meesh

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