Designer Talk | Angelo Ruggeri of Sergio Rossi

The Design Director of Sergio Rossi, Angelo Ruggeri is a charming man from Sicily, Italy. He has 15 years of shoes design experience for Sergio Rossi, Giorgio Armani, Dsquared2 and Tom Ford.


Ruggeri has been inspired to be part of the fashion world since he was little as a 6 years old.

“My family’s relationship with fashion spans generations. My grandmother was a seamstress, my mother a teacher and my father used to own a store for fabrics which he inherited from my grandfather. So it’s a long family story involving fabrics, fashion and couture.”


“One of my favourite memories has to do with my grandmother. I remember a fancy embroidered black evening dress that she made for one of her clients, who was attending a fashion event. You can imagine with these influences that by the age of six, I already aspired to be part of the fashion world.”


Sergio Rossi is no stranger to Ruggeri, he has worked for Sergio Rossi in 2006 for 4 years previously, prior to his return to the fashion house again in 2013, as Men and Women Collections Design Director. So how did he return to Sergio Rossi? When Ruggeri was working for Tom Ford as a Senior Designer, the CEO of Sergio Rossi invited him to come back as the Head Designer. Being a Head Designer means he can put his vision for the brand and be more creative, so he took the chance and returned to the House of Rossi.


Image source – Sergio Rossi

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