Roger Vivier high heels

Fashion News | Roger Vivier’s new boutique on Yun Ping Road & Fall collection 2015

Roger Vivier has opened a new boutique on Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay!

roger viver new boutique 2

I can’t help myself! When I saw the new boutique, my legs just speed up and led me inside the boutique on their own! lol so I went inside and checked out their new collection!

This season they have the usual flats, which a lot of them are pink hues, baby pink, pink-nude but I was looking for something along the line of baby blue.

They also have a lot of playful designs this season, although they are not really my cup of tea. I prefer more of an elegant style, because thats what I associate with Roger Vivier. I want to get elegant shoes from them when I go there, not that I dun like fun designs. If I would like to get some fun shoes I probably wouldn’t go to Vivier.

Roger Vivier flats

There are a lot of stunning designs they have this fall. I am in love with this pair in particular! I normally don’t like bling blings, but this is stunning! Its so elegant and the bling blings are not tacky at all!

Roger Vivier high heels

This one has lace all over which I love, I love lace and ribbon and they have both! As I grow older, I kind of feel like I am too old to wear ribbon, or worry that it would make me seem like a little girl. But this pair, it doesn’t give that kind of vibe, its sexy and mature! And just look at that crystal ball on the stiletto heel? Work of art!

Roger Vivier high heels 2I am declaring love here to this Fall collection of Roger Vivier. ❤

You can check out more photos of the collections here.

xoxo meesh

Photos courtesy of FootwearNews

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