Three Japanese Beauty Secrets to Incorporate into Your Skincare Ritual

Japanese culture weaves a story that intermingles the past and the present. Since introducing geishas in the 17th century, great focus has remained on continuing this tradition of entertainment.

The iconic beauty of geishas continues to enrapture the world. Now is the time to learn about three geisha beauty secrets you can incorporate into your skincare routine.

Camelia Cleansing Oil

Everyone knows geishas wear multiple layers of makeup to create their stunning looks, complete with pale, almost transparent skin and striking red lips. To ensure they remove their makeup safely and effectively, geishas use camellia cleansing oil.

This oil is strong enough to remove layer after layer of makeup, yet it does not strip the skin like many cleansers. Camelia cleansing oil remains an integral part of Japanese beauty skincare ritual secrets.

Rice Enzyme Powders

Geishas work diligently to keep their hands smooth, like the finest porcelain. One geisha was willing to share her secret of keeping her hands soft and beautiful. Rice enzyme powders are gently exfoliating.

It turns out many geishas use this powder on their hands to remove any dead skin. Geishas use this powder several times a day, prepping their skin for moisturizers.

INDIGO Soothing Silk Hand Cream

After treatment with rice enzyme powder, geishas rely on INDIGO Soothing Silk Hand Cream to moisturize their hands deeply. You can use this silky cream multiple times during the day. Many geishas also do a hand massage each night before bed, using camelia cleansing oil.

Geishas Meticulously Maintain Their Skin Health

A geisha cannot have blemishes. Her skin must remain beautiful, creating an almost transparent look. Geishas protect their skin at all times against sun exposure since UV rays are most damaging to their skin.

After the care she provides her skin with the products above, she must then prepare herself for the performance. Professional geishas can prepare their looks within twenty minutes. Those inexperienced may work for hours.

Take Care of Your Skin Like a Geisha

Though you may never don binzuke or oshiroi, you can still use the products; Japanese women use to keep their skin beautiful and glowing. When looking at geishas, despite their various ages, you will find their skin all remain beautiful and healthy, making them appear younger.

Japanese skincare is easy, but it takes a concerted effort and dedication. Having the right products makes taking care of your skin easier and more effective. With the beautiful skincare products from Tatcha, women will find they too can have supple and clear skin for life.

If you want to have the skin beauty of a geisha, consider implementing the above three products into your skincare routine. Starting now will allow you to soon have the skin health you long to see. 

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