My morning skincare routine / skincare layering!

I am a fan of layering skincare to maximize the benefits of the products that I use, so I thought I would share with you all what I use on a daily basis!

I don’t wash my face with soap every morning. I usually only use water to wipe my face, and I use Avène water. I only wash my face with soap if I wake up and find my face with a lot of greasiness, because I don’t want to over wash my face.

Then I start with a tone, pre essense, and then a serum, eye cream, face cream and sunscreen.

Hope you guys enjoy the video below! Please comment below if you also use the same items that I mentioned in the video!

Product used in my morning skincare routine:

1. Avène thermal spring water

2. Olay white radiance light perfecting lotion

3. Grown Alchemist brigtening serum

4. ESPA Radiance (with 15% off now)

5. Gemsho

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