Ebony, spa and swimming pool at the Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou

My good friend and I were lucky enough to be invited for a luxurious stay at the elegant Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou where I filmed a room tour to share the experience with you guys with my brand new Sony Alpha 7 iii.

In this post I will continue to share photos of the hotel experience about the restaurant where we had tea and breakfast, swimming pool and spa area etc.

We had breakfast at the Michelin Plate awarded semi buffet restaurant, Ebony.

The Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou has 2 restaurants with Michelin award.


The buffet area is airy and spacious.

Normally, I am not a fan of buffet/all you can eat, but hotel breakfast in buffet style is the only exception! Especially breakfast here at the Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou!

Their buffet area is spacious and airy, with a lot of natural light which I love! It makes the whole place look so elegant and relaxing but still luxurious.

Here they serve food from Chinese dim sum and congee to Western style yoghurt, ham and cheese, etc. You can almost find anything you want in the buffet area.

I find it hard to get decent ham and cheese in China, so I was so delighted to see such a nice selection of ham and cheese board!

You can also order items off the menu, such as egg benedict, scramble egg on toast, or french toast, etc.

Great ham and cheese selection at the breakfast buffet.

Can you see my egg benedict in the above picture at the back?

I forgot to take a close up picture of my egg benedict, but it is just perfect as expected. Topped with two perfectly poached eggs on a rather small English muffin, which I like so that I can leave room to try other items on the breakfast menu.

My friend ordered a French toast which is very impressive! I am not a fan of French toast because it is usually quite greasy and too sweet for my taste. But! Their French toast here is so good! It is very airy and soft and it is not too sweet at all, everything is just right. Nothing too much which I love! It is the first time I like the taste and texture of a French toast! Definitely wowed me.

I am so happy that they serve TWG teas here. I love a good quality cup of tea and I love how elegant their teacups and saucers are.

Red leather booth at Ebony.

We wanted good photos, so we asked to be seated at the booth, because not only does the booth looks nice in picture, but also because thats where natural lights comes in.

All the booths are by the windows and they are shaped in half circle, composed of red leather seats. Just looking beautiful.

That’s how it looks like in photo! Doesn’t it look cute? So I recommend coming to breakfast early so that you can get to sit at the booth for some good photos!

This is the corridor of Ebony, I love the mirror reflection and all these parallel lines. So beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

Even the washroom at Ebony is full of style, look at all the marble top and the natural lighting.

This picture is taken in front of the hotel florist after it’s operating hours. Doesn’t the wooden door look so pretty?

MO spa mandarin oriental guangzhou.jpg

Here is the spa area where we need to pass by before we get to the swimming pool area. The green little mountains you see here are all real I saw a staff was tidying it and replacing some fresh greens after I took this photo.

swimming pool Mandarin oriental guangzhou.JPG

Here is the swimming pool area.

swiming pool mandarin oriental guangzhou.jpg

The poolside staff came and ask us what kind of drinks we’d like and served us the drinks of our choice with some cool towels. So sweet and caring!

The swimming pool does get quite busy in the afternoon so if you want to avoid the crowd and get some nice photo but the pool, I would suggest to go right after breakfast as there would be less people.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Leave me a comment below if you are going to Guangzhou for your next trip!

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