Review | Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF 50

review shiseido multi dense uv protector.png

Right now, I am writing this review / first impression in Shanghai. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I am a fan of Shiseido’s sunblock. You can read my previous reviews here.

All of Shiseido’s sunblocks housed in a shaker bottle are lightweight, which I really like as the weather in Hong Kong is really humid. I can’t stand any thick and sticky sunscreens. Their sunblocks are also good for sensitive skin, doesn’t leave you with a white cast and also with good coverage. That’s why I have been a fan of Shiseido sunscreens for years!

However, I have stopped repurchasing them for a while because I wanted to try something else. I have got the Biore one when I was in Japan and it is really nice, the texture is like a gel cream so it is lightweight and hydrating as well. However, I do find it a little bit sticky if I layer it on my face after my face cream.

I am flying to Shanghai for my big birthday actually, and I forgot to pack my sunblock! So I just quickly went into dutyfree to grab one before I board the plane. I only had like 5 mins to complete my mission, and instinctively I just head over to Shiseido counter and picked this up. I put on sunscreen on my face 365 days a year. Simple as that. Because I know that UV rays ages skins!

I cannot live without sunscreen. I put apply sunscreen on my face 365 days a year. Simple as that. Because I know that UV rays ages skins!

The sales lady asked me a few questions and then determined that I would need this particular one over all other sunscreens that they have. So this one is particularly made for city life with environmental defense, made for just normal activities (not watersports) and for you to apply on your face only. I think it is a really good everyday sunscreen for work.

On to the product itself, the texture is feather -light and it absorbs quickly into your skin. It is good to act as a makeup base too. It dries to a nice finish, dries matte and not greasy at all. Before you dispense it, you need to shake the bottle a few times and then squeeze out the amount you need. I really like the packaging it is white and round, and also easy to carry around in your handbag since it is so small. This one is 30ml and priced at HK$280. The other one I have used before – Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++ is 50ml so this one is comparatively smaller.

However, I find the Multi-defense do a better job in oil absorbing so it is definitely better than the Perfect UV protector for face use I would say since I usually use a separate sunscreen for my face and body so I feel like this is a total win, even better than the Perfect UV protector!

Have you girls tried any Shiseido sunscreens? Which one did you think was best for the face? Share with me in the comments below!


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