Review | Espa Skin radiance intensive serum and Skin Radiance Moisturiser

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I have discovered ESPA on a random day in John Lewis Newcastle. I was so happy to see ESPA there! Because in Hong Kong, ESPA is not easy to find and only the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Spa uses ESPA products. If the Ritz spa uses this brand it must be good, right?

So I tried one of their facial at John Lewis and I am instantly converted! So after that, I got these two babies home. Both of them is from the Skin Radiance range. I got the Skin Radiance intensive serum and also the Radiance Moisturiser.

ESPA skin radiance range review - serum & cream

(By the time you read this review ESPA has changed its packaging to white already. See below.)

espa new white packaging.png

This Skin Radiance range helps to revive and invigorates dull and tired skin while brightening up the complexion, also helps to minimize hyperpigmentation; which is exactly what I need for my skin. Because I sleep quite late habitually and I always look tired and I also have some sun spots that has been with me for over 10 years. On days I don’t put any makeup on, I just look so pale like I am ill or something.

So when I was introduced to this range by the lovely SA at John Lewis Newcastle, I decided to bring them home to give it a try.

ESPA skin radiance intensive serum

First of all, I really like the texture of the serum. It has a really soothing scent and the texture is very light and gel-like. It has a combination of powerful brightening ingredients, including, Mulberry, Bearberry, Liquorice and also collagen boosting Vitamin C.

ESPA skin radiance instensive serum texture & review

It is also very easy to spread to your entire face, so you only need a little bit at a time. I use two pea size serum after I toned my face, and then I follow with the Skin Radiance cream.

ESPA skin radiance moisturizer review followmeesh

The texture of the Radiance cream is very fine and smooth, it is not the gel like texture but also not a thick heavy cream. I think it is made just right, and it is suitable for all skin type, just maybe not the very dry or very oily. This cream also contains the same active natural ingredients as the intensive radiance serum, so it is there to help revive dry, dull skin while refining for luminous complexion.

ESPA skin raidance cream texture & review followmeesh

When I am still in Newcastle, I use it morning and night because the weather is dryer. And when I moved to Hong Kong, I use it mainly at night, because Hong Kong is so humid, therefore I prefer to use an oil free gel cream during the day, such as the Japan exclusive milky gel moisturizing gel cream (¥ 3,150) from Avène.

I enjoy using these two products together a lot! The good thing about these two products is that it uses natural ingredients to achieve the brightening and revitalizing effect so you can use it day and night. Because a lot of the “brightening / whitening” products will react badly to light and the sun, so you can only use it at night, but not recommended for day use. However, with the ESPA radiance range you don’t need to worry about that since it uses all natural ingredients. It is also suitable for post-pregnancy skin conditions, because this is a time when your skin gets dull because of the sleepless nights and also prone to hyperpigmentation because of the hormone fluctuations.

Have any of you tried this brand or these products?

Let me know by commenting below!

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