The 3 Best Japanese Colored Mascaras For Enhancing Your Eyes

I am a big fan of mascaras and false eyelashes! I just love anything related to eyelashes! So today I am going share 3 best Japanese colored mascaras with you guys! I know a lot of you may have never tried any colored mascara other than black before, but trust me, colored mascaras really make your eyes pop! It is such an easy way to bring a splash of colors to your eyes.

Here are my top 3 choices!

RMK W Color Mascara SS   ¥4,320

RMK W Color Mascara SS.png

This is not a new product, it’s been around for some time but I just love this mascara! The combinations of colors are really nice as well. With one side featured with a regular sized brush for your top lashes, and the other end with a smaller brush to target your lower lashes; dark color for your top lashes and light color / more adventurous color for your lower lashes. If you are just starting out and don’t want anything too dramatic, I recommend the 04 Blue (top) & green (bottom) combination. With naturally dark lashes, the blue and green combo is super wearable.

Fasio Blue / Pink Curl  ¥1,200

FASIO Wonder Curl Mascara.png

Fasio is a popular and affordable drugstore brand in Japan, you can find them easily in any drugstore. They are specialized in eye makeup, from eyelash base with microfiber to mascaras with special colors. The best thing with Fasio is their mascaras are of very high quality while having a really friendly price tag. These two mascaras above is their limited edition colors with fuschia (pink) and Ultramarine (Blue).

Lunasol Aqua coloring mascara  ¥3,000


Lunasol’s coloring mascara is similar to the RMK ones with two colors on two ends. The difference is that both brushes of Lunasol’s are the regular sized brush, so you can apply it on neither top or bottom lashes with no problems.

Let me know if you girls have tried any colored mascaras before and please share how you like it with us in the comment!


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