Now you can put tumeric on your face without the yellow stain!

Everyone knows about Tumeric’s magical abilities to heal skin, and there are so many DIY recipes out there you can easily make Tumeric masks at home. However, I find that the color in Tumeric is very strong that it stains everywhere from the countertop to your clothes to your skin. I once tried a homemade tumeric mask and I was left with yellow stained skin, not a pretty look. That was the first and last time util I got this Tumeric & Cranberry seed engergizing radiance masque from Kiehl’s (£29/ $32)


Kiehl’s said this mask made with Tumeric and cranberry can brighten and energize dull and tired skin and to help skin regain its natural, healthy appearance.
Tumeric helps to even skin tone while crushed cranberry seeds gently exfoliate for smoother, brighter, illuminated-looking skin.


The look of the mask is a pale yellow clay mask with cranberry seeds in it. The texture of the mask is kind of like Lush’s fresh face mask but it is less thick. Which makes it easier to apply on your skin and to spread out an even layer.

kiehls tumeric and cranberry masque.JPG


Once applied on the face, I feel a fresh mint sensation on my face which I like. It is not strong at all, just very mild and gives an energizing sensation to my skin. Kiehl’s recommends us to leave the mask on for 10 – 15 mins before washing it off. I find the mask dried in about 10 mins but I left it on my mask for full 15 minutes before I wash it off with a washcloth. Since the mask is dried on your face is it quite hard to remove it just by splashing water on your face. What I do is first I splash some water on my face to loosen the mask a little bit and then use a washcloth to remove the rest of it. While washing it off, I can feel the cranberry seeds gently exfoliate my skin.

kiehl's tumeric and cranberry seed masque - banish yellowness.JPG

The result is a more balanced, calm and brightened skin tone. I find it really banish the yellow-ness of my face so I look more awake and definitely less tired! I have a pimple that is preparing to come to the surface of my skin right under my chin, I can feel it when I touch it (it also hurts a little) and its a little red with inflammation. After just 15 mins of using the mask, the pimple is already less red and less inflamed and my overall skin tone really looks less tired and I feel more like myself right after!

I am very impressed by this mask! Since I have such good review for this one, I am tempted to try their other masks as well!

Have you tried this Tumeric and Cranberry masque before? Or any other Kiehl’s mask? Let me know in the comment down below. : )



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