Victoria Beckham X Target collection

The latest designer collaboration with giant US retailer Target!

British pop star turned designer Victoria Beckham has announced her collaboration with Target this morning on Instagram.


This is to celebrate her 5-year milestone since the creation of her fun and playful second line Victoria, Victoria Beckham.

This limited edition collection is set to release on 9th April, 2017, available in all physical stores of the US giant retailer, as well as in the U.S. The collection is set to end on the 30th April, 2017, or earlier if the items sold out.

The collection will contain not just women’s appearal and accesscories, but also items for young girls, toddlers and babies.

Although this collaboration is only available in Target’s stores, we international fans can order them on as they ship internationally. Another good news is the designer has chosen some of the items to sell on the designer’s own website,

There will be more than 200 items in the collaboration with price ranging from $6 – $70 (mostly below $40) .

“I can reach so many more women through working with Target,” she told Business of  Fashion in an interview. “It’s not just because of the price point but because of how many stores that they have, located all around America. These are women that I haven’t been able to reach out to in the past, and I always say that I want to empower women and make women look like the best versions of themselves. That shouldn’t be only people who can afford to spend a certain amount of money.”

This is definitely some exciting news for me. What about you guys?





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