Book club – How to be Parisian wherever you are | on Parisian style, mentality and attitude


“How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits” is my latest read. It is written by a team of 4 Parisian, including a former model, a novelist, a film producer and a writer, how legit is this?

It covers not only fashion, but also how to get through life, have a lover and cheat on your lover (Is there such thing? Yes…..according to the French.) and on parenting.


I am a sucker of everything Parisian and my heart never have left Paris since my university years. (My little story here) Parisiennes always seem to be full of mysteries, moody and people often think that they are not friendly or nice.

This book explains everything!

-One does not need to be born in Paris to have Parisian style, majority of Parisian aren’t born in Paris but have lived long enough to adopt to the city’s vibe and to get their way around things.

-Be true to yourself and own your bad habits. Just don’t give a shit.

-Doing things your own way, it doesn’t have to the right way, just your way. : )

-Pretend to have a lover, or

-Have a lover for real, but at the same time still have respect for your boyfriend.

This book is super chic, funny and it just reminds me of Paris and the people there so much. It is so well written, because everything is true to my experience of Paris! Where I become cold to strangers; being melancholy; never show your hand in a not yet official relationship; and disappear when got into a big fight with your partner.

Here is an interview with the author Caroline de Maigret.

Of course! For fashionistas, there is a section on fashion and how to dress like one of them, but the sections are splitted quite fairly not weighting more on one or another. If you would like to read about Parisian fashion only, I would recommend Parisian Chic by Celebrity model Inès de la Fressange.

Parisian chic

Are you a sucker for any Parisian like me? What is your favourite read?

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