10 stylish beanies for this Winter

Beanie is an essential item for winter dressing, a fashionable beanie can complete your outfit, make people notice you and even enhance your face shape! This time I’m going to share 10 amazing beanies with you which are my favorite picks.


For the cool girl – Notice those small ribbed parts in the beanie? Just pair with form fitting top, skinny jeans and combat boots!


For that innocent girl look – cream color and stripes.



For the girl next door – when wearing the draped back beanie, it is best to leave some bangs hanging around your face, to create the illusion of softer face shape and the edge of your beanie can help you to fix where you want your bangs to be, creating a slimmer face shape.



The ultimate face slimming beanie – the front part that sticks out, and the thick chunky knit material helps to give the illusion of a slimmer and smaller face.




images source: Pinterest


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