Reivew | Best cotton pad! Pure & Soft Cotton by Kanebo

Continuing the long shopping items from Japan! This is another hero product that I like! I know! It is crazy its just cotton pads in a way, we use them on a daily basis, morning and night, not only using it to remove makeup but also to apply toner, sometimes essencea and even use as a DIY facial mask by soaking a few pieces of them in your essence and apply them to your face for an emergency pick me up session.


The material is ultra soft and ultra fluffy! You can find this cotton pad easily in any drugstore in Tokyo, I happened to get at the Matsumoto Kiyoshi pharmacy right outside Ikebukuro station.

japanese pharmacy

As you can see here in the photos, those cotton pads are much thicker than the one we normally come across, and I love how it feels on my hand and my face. I feel so pampered! Can I actually feel pampered by using some Japanese Cotton? I feel to say that myself as well. I feel like it resemble the high quality ones that hotel spa uses! It reminds me of that! I am serious!

japanese cotton2

The only down side is the thickness means it will absorb more products though, if you are trying to save some products this is probably not for you. I wouldn’t recommend to use the SK2 Facial Treatment Essence with it. *wink*

japanese cotton3

xoxo meesh

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