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The 2 legendary lash curler in comparison – Shu Uemura v.s. Shiseido

I love a good mascara, I think I own more than 10 mascaras at the moment. It’s crazy. I know. But creating the perfect fluttering lashes, lash curler comes first for sure. Before I apply mascara I always always curl my lashes.
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I have been using the one from Shiseido for 8 years since grade 9! But then one day I left it in a hotel, and I have switched to the Shu Uemura afterwards. And lately, I purchased the Shiseido curler again for my gym bag. So I have them both now. I have noticed the new Shiseido one is not exactly like the old one that I have. But it is still very good. (They must have updated it to a new version.) I have two Shu Uemura curler, one in silver, one in gold. They are both very very good. The only difference is the colour I thought, but I heard that the gold one is better becuase i

After trying and using both for years, here is what I can share with you.

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Shu Uemura lash curler with Shiseido rubber pad refill

One morning, I found the rubber pad of my Shu umera curler cracked and a lash is stuck in the crack! *omg* So this is what happened when you don’t change your rubber pad often and I learnt it the hard way. (Check yours and if it’s overdue, RUN to get refills and change it.)

I already have this bad habit of rubbing my eyes often at night, especially after I have removed my make up, sometimes I rub my own lashes off. I cannot afford my curler to add damage to my lashes!

lash curler shu uemura

So I went to the counter of Shu umera to get some rubber refill. To my surprise, the SA there told me that they don’t sell refills of rubber pads!

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