Japanese Product Review – SK II Cellumination Aura Essence

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Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything and I am truly guilty for it! So this is what I have been using for a while, but just haven’t got time to write about it.

It is the SK II Cellumination Aura Essence! The 30ml bottle is US$160 / HK$990 and the 50ml is US$ 235 / HK$1450. I got mine on Luxola with a 30% off! If you are living in Hong Kong, be sure to check the price in store before you buy online, unless it is discounted like I had with Luxola, because Luxola’s listed price is actually more expensive than the price in store.

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So, many people has been raving about this essence, so I wanted to try for myself. I have purchased the Facial Treatment Essence from SK II before, but the result didn’t impress me that much. Because I am paying this much I expect it to be really really good. There are so many high end brands that cost about the same but does a really good job, such as La Mer and Cle de Peau.

On to this essence, the result is good but not enough to surprise me again, mainly because I have no acne scars/ mark, or anything major, but just a little uneven on my forehead and cheekbones, my goal is to have my whole face in the same shade.

The texture is fluid in a pearl white shade, and is easy to absorb. The essence does do the job to even your skin tone and brighten it up a little bit, but we are paying that much for a bottle so that I am not completely surprise that it does the job. Duh? lol

Who would I recommend using this essence?

-If you have marks or scars, you can use this along with a target spot whitening trement. Since this essence is meant for your entire face, while it will fade your scars or marks, your entire skin tone will also be lightened altogether, so therefore your scars or mark won’t just disappear. That’s why I said you also have to pair it with a targeted whitening essence.

-If you wear makeup on a daily basis and after you removed your makeup your skin looks tired, dull or yellowish, you can also give this a try. The dull and yellowish is caused by constantly wearing makeup so that your skin cannot breath and this essence would help.

I have gone through 1/3 of the bottle already, so far not bad but not surprisingly good. I will continue to use it until I finish the bottle, but repurchasing? Um…. probably not.

Let me know what you think.

Xo meesh

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