When you don’t feel like wearing a bra, wear Love Stories!

I have recently fallen in love with wearing bralettes, because of how comfortable they are.

I use to wear a lot of lace bra with underwire because I am a hopeless romantic. However, I have a bad habit of always rounding my shoulders and I found this has to do with my bra because one day I found I would stand so much taller and straighter when I am wearing a sports bra. When I wear a bra I naturally round my shoulders because of the constraint and weight.

That’s how I realize how underwire bras impact my posture. It makes me round my shoulders forward to compensate the constraint. Since then I have been looking for pretty bralettes everywhere to replace my regular bras.

Then I came across Love Stories when I was in Copenhagen for two weeks. Their designs are stylish and full of personal character while still making you feel sexy and pretty without the underwires.


I bought three during my trip and I like them so much. In fact, I am wearing one while I was taking photos for these bralettes above that’s why I only photographed two of them!

So the first one is a black lace triangle shaped bralette, and the second one is a silk-like material.


The black lace material is thin and transparent as you can see. So if you only wear a t-shirt in the summer, the shape of your nipples may show. But i really like how the lace has a leopard print, which is an unusual pattern for lace. Also I also find how they combine lace with little start at the bottom very cute.


This one I got it because of the color combination, I find it rare to come across emerald green bralette or bra. The green part is very smooth and a lot thicker than the first black ones, I like how the ruffles on the edge as well.




This is how the back looks like, both of them only have one hook at the back. The elastic band is quite supportive, I am a 30C and I picked size 1 and it is just perfect. The band is flat and doesn’t dig into your skin like many of my bras do, so I am quite satisfied with them so far. However, they won’t help you push your girls up to have that “look at me” effect. So, on days that I need to wear something fancy like a cocktail dress at work, I will still wear a normal bra instead of these. These bralettes for me is like a little holiday for the girls when I can chill and wear something casual.

Have you tried any bralette before? What makes you switch to bralettes and what brand is your go to?

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