Osulloc – The tea house you can’t miss when in Korea

tea tasting at Osulluc

I really like the coffee culture in Korea, you can see cafes in almost every street there. I was in Seoul last month and I went to a different café every day. I love having a cup of coffee while I do nothing and just stare out of the window and look at the passer-bys outside.

What separates Osulluc from the rest is they serve tea instead of coffee there. There are many different kinds of tea drink to choose from, green tea, matcha, hojicha, jasmin tea, citrus tea, you name it.


All of their drinks are really flavorful, unlike green tea latte from Starbucks, which is sometimes quite watery and you can’t taste much of the green tea latte after 10 mins of getting your iced drink because the ice starts to melt.


I would recommend getting your tea drink at Osulloc hot as well, for the very same reason. You can actually taste more of the flavor when you drink the tea hot instead of iced.IMG_6483

The seatings there are spacious as well with lots of booths, which is perfect for post shopping break! We also ordered a matcha roll cake to share which was delicious too! I normally don’t really like dessert because I don’t really consume any sugar, but this one I quite like it because it is not too sweet at all.


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