Review | Best affordable whitening Vitamin C serum – Rohto Melano cc

Melano CC whitening serum review

I am quite concern about my the sun spots on my face. I have them since I was in my Junior high school. At the time, we had to line up for class under the sun everyday and  that’s how I got my sun spots across my cheeks.

I don’t like the look of them no matter how people tell me that sun spots are cute. I just think they make my face look dirty. So I always try to get rid of them, I have tried quite a lot of whitening serums before and also spot treatments but usually they are quite pricey for the ones that works. 2 years ago, I even went to laser them professionally so they were completely removed at one point.

Melano CC review

But these days, they are slowly coming back, but I don’t really want to go laser them so often as laser is not cheap and also makes my skin thinner. So I am trying use topical product to help lighten them. This Melano CC serum from Rohto the Japanese pharmaceutical company is my latest budget find. It has a really small dropper and it dispense only one drop at a time, so it is really good for targeted treatment.

Melano CC dropper

Once you squeeze it out, you can see it has an oily texture, but luckily this oily feeling doesn’t last long, in a minute or so, the oil would absorbed into your skin and the oily feeling with diminish. IMG_5608

This is how it looks like when you spread it out.



And this is how it looks like within a minute after I spread it out.


I like the product as it is affordable and effective. It is not an overnight miracle, meaning it didn’t remove all my sun spots, but it does help in lightening them and preventing them to go any darker. When applied all over my face, I also noticed that it gives me a brighter complexion so that my face looks less fatigue.

The tube is pretty small as it only contained 20ml (¥980) but it last quite long, I have been using it for 2 months already and I still have half the tube left. It got mine in Mannings in Hong Kong on sale at HK$99.

I also used the Melano CC Vitamin White Mist as well, which I will review soon.

If you are looking for an affordable whitening serum, I think this product is a good one to try, as it contains hefy amount of Vitamin C & E which are some tried and tested ingredients to fade dark spots or acne marks!

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this serum before or if you know any other afforadable whitening treatment.

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