Have you been washing your hair the wrong way?

How do you normally wash your hair? And how often do you do it?

Shampoo, followed by conditioner, or maybe a hair mask? Maybe every other day or once in 3 days?


Well, that’s how the majority of us do it. And I use to do that as well. Below are the products that I use to wash my hair.

reverse washing method - products that i use blog review


But then recently I have changed my hair washing routine, to the “reverse washing” method. What it means is very straightforward, simple reverse how you normally wash it! I haven’t change any product that I use, same products, just reverse it!


That means wet your hair thoroughly, apply conditioner from ear level to the ends of your hair, rinse and then apply shampoo and rinse. If needed you can add your hair mask / hair treatment afterwards.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 13.08.50

I hear you ask, “What? Why?”

Well, that’s because while conditioner helps detangle and moisturize your strands, it often leaves your hair heavy and lacklustre because we never really managed to wash the conditioner out thoroughly, so the residue weights your hair down, making them look flat and limp.

So when we apply conditioner before shampoo, it would first detangle and moisturize your hair.  So when you wash it with shampoo afterwards, the shampoo helps to wash away the residue of conditioner, thus making your hair lightweighted and volumized.

reverse hair washing method view blog

This is especially beneficial for people who have fine hair that lacks volume, greasy roots and tangled hair.

What I find as a good side effect is that, I notice I loose less amount of hair when I wash my hair with this reverse washing method. Because my hair is so fine and limp that they are easily tangled. When fine hair is tangled they fall out easily when you run fingers through them under water. Since I have swtiched to this method, it’s got so much better! I am definitely sticking to this reversed washing method!

You girls should try it too and let me know what your thoughts are!


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