Brandy Melville review one size fits all followmeesh blog

Shopping in Paris | Brandy Melville -Italian made with Californian spirit & “one size fits most” strategy

Today I want to share with you all another Italian street style brand I found in Paris! I have talked about Subdued in my previous post.


Brandy Melville is also another Italian brand and has a similar style as  Subdued with everything Bohemian and a relaxed Boho chic style. The two do have a lot in common.

But Brandy Melville has a unique sizing strategy, which is their “one size fits all” sizing. Their “one size” is roughly the equivalent of a normal XS/S.

Brandy Melville review one size fits all followmeesh blog

Their small sizing has outraged many women and caused the brand lots of negative comments, which resembles A&F in the 90’s.

6 Reasons Why Brandy Melville Is This Generation's Abercrombie & Fitch

Although the brand under fire because of their sizing strategy. I am loving their “one size fits all” strategy, because that means I won’t need to struggle to find for my xs or size 00 in the clothes rack. I can pick up any item in their store and it would fit me just fine!

Brandy Melville store interior followmeesh blog

Since I relocated to the UK, I haven’t been able to find anything that fits me except in the “petite” section withint Topshop. Having said that, I have only ever purchased one item from them only in the past year. Reason is that I can see so many girls wears the same items from Topshop on the streets in the city and I definitely don’t want this awkward moment. Followmeesh blog brandy melville

Brandy Melville is presence in major cities around Europe, such as Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam and London, etc. They are also very popular in America, with  23 stores across the country and a massive cult followings in a short span of time.

Their price point is also on the very affordable side with prices ranging between US$15-50.

Have you guys shop from them before?

Image source – huffington post, Yahoo, Orangecoutyzest

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