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Recently, I have been taking yoga classes twice a week. At first I joined only because I wanted to correct my posture. I have some problems with my spine and it has made me feeling back pain, so I was suggested by my doctor to take up Yoga. So as you can imagine, I don’t feel love for yoga when I first started it.

What I liked about it was that I can be away from my phone for one whole hour, away from anyone from work or anywhere. Sad but true. It has been two months now and I think I am starting to like it more and more, since I feel improvements mentally and physically.

In class, we have been repeatedly told by our instructor to smile and don’t forget to breath, to focus in the moment and forget everything else. Any worries or concern you might have, let go of them. I think it is very true that smiling to ourselves does make a big difference on our mood. And it is something so easy to do, just smile to yourself! How hard could that be? You will instantly feel better. I frown a lot without noticing it, even my facialist has been telling me that my constant frowning is causing some fine lines between my eyebrows! But that’s ok, just from now on smile more! Smile for no apparent reasons, smile for yourself.

Sure we all have grumpy days but keeping a positive mind will set your body to emits positive vibe and there you are with a positive life! Sometimes, we worry about things without even noticing it. Plus, worrying today doesn’t empty tomorrow’s trouble.


xoxo meesh

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