Eating in Paris

So, after a day of shopping in Paris, we need to eat! Now Food! Of course you cannot visit Paris without trying their food. France is a gourmet country and there is good food everywhere. So here I would like to share with you this high end supermarket in the chicest department store – La grande Épicerie at Le Bon Marché! There, you can spend hours and hours and hours if you like eating, drinking and cooking! I rented an apartment in Paris when I visited there near montmartre, so I cooked quite often in there and so I bought a lot of food! From yoghurt to juice, to steak and seafood, there are just endless options to choose from.



seafood in Paris


This super market is beautiful and I have been there 3 times during my stay there in Paris! I just love going to this place! The quality of food they have there is also top notch. Everything is fresh, well packaged and just beautiful. We got steak, seafood, yoghurt, beer etc.

This is what turns out to be, with the food that I got from Le grand epicerie!


Makes a great cozy romantic date night at home!

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