Review | Kashoen 1883 | Japanese hand made cleansing brush

I discovered Kashoen when I travelled to Tokyo a few months ago, and I was completely fascinated by their craftsmanship. In today’s world of technology, we have less and less items handmade. As well, handmade items are associated with luxury in return. Just like the top notch designer leather handbags we ladies love, are a work of art made by traditional craftsmen. Kashoen is like the Hermes of makeup brushes in Japan. It has been producing exceptional quality makeup brushes for 130 years, using traditional craftsmanship.

kashoen cleansing brush 1kashoen cleansing brush 2

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Nuxe and Neutrogena -

Review | Nuxe and Neutrogena Hand creams

Today I have two hand creams that are my current favorite to share with you all : )

Nuxe and Neutrogena

First is the Nuxe (I know! Nuxe again…) Rêve de miel hand and nail cream. This hand cream is made of honey! Honey are known for its soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging / anti-oxidant properties. So to keep our hands looking youthful, young and soft, honey hand cream is definitely a good choice!

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French Product Review | NUXE Crème Fraiche 24hr Moisturizing Mask

This rescue treatment mask is made out of plant milk and white blossom, I can actually smell and feel that after I squeezed some onto the back of my hands! Big ups for that! Means it’s mild and gentle for your skin, so way to go! YAY!

NUXE Creme Fraiche 24hr Moisturizing Mask
From Nuxe.com

After 15 minutes, my skin has absorbed 90% of it, but it has some residue left on my face though. I can feel the moisture is overloaded which I have to tissue it off.

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Review | Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse – Youth and radiance revealing fluid

I am always a fan of Nuxe product, they are not too expensive and they almost always live up to my expectations! I like French pharmacy brands! They are effective without the price tag of the over-the-counter brands at department stores.


This time I got a small travel size of this Youth and radiance revealing fluid. I have been using it for a week, I like it so far! It’s texture is quite true to what it described itself – fluid. It’s runny and in a creamy nut color.

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Review | Nuxe Masque Purifiant Doux / Clarifying cream mask with rose petals


I have actually wrote this product review during my trip, but I just didn’t have time to post it. I have been very busy at work since I came back from my trip to Europe, so now I am uploading it for you here!

credit - Nuxe official website
From Nuxe official website

So I bought this for my trip because I needed some mask to keep my skin in good shape since the weather there is very dry.
So the first time I used it in my hotel in Strasbourg, the weather there was so cold and dry. After a day of sightseeing I can feel my face became red because of the strong wind!

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