Review-Rene Furterer – Karité Intense Nourishing Shampoo


So I went to Europe for 2 weeks during Christmas! And this shampoo is one of the beauty items that I bought from my trip!

I bought this because I have very dry hair because my hair has been bleached and color treated. I know! I am not so kind to my hair right? But a good color and a colorist does give your hair so much more style, you can’t imagine how much a good hair color /cut can provide to you and your mood! Lol I am a little bit obsessed here, especially with Ombre color hair!

In Hong Kong, it is very difficult to find colorist who actually knows how to do ombre hair! I have given my hair to stylist that have no idea what it is and failed completely before, so make sure you do your research.

From the brand –

A rich, gentle cleansing shampoo that intensely nourishes and restructures very dry, damaged scalp and hair. Repaired and revived, parched tresses are left soft and manageable.

So this shampoo, it really does what it says on the box – Very nourishing! As you can see the color is golden yellow color from the outside. It is full of highest grade of nourishing oils! Once you open and pour some on your palm….. oh boy! It just smells divine! DIVINE!

And unlike many of the high end / salon exclusive shampoos, it actually lathers quite well! Usually when I use those more high end ones, I find that they are hard to get foams and so I would end up using more amount of shampoo than I am supposed to.

The result? Very nourished strands that adds a little shine to your hair! As I have very very dry ends I will need to use conditioner or hair mask afterwards, but if your hair isn’t as dry as mine, I think you can just use this alone. But I cannot tell if it repairs my hair as it says, because damaged hair is very hard to repair, just like when you get wrinkles on your face its hard to get ride of. The best way would be to trim your hair! Lol I wish we can “trim” wrinkles too!

My thoughts? Although it is on the pricey side, but you only need to use this once or twice a week and you will only need a small amount. So I would say give it a go if you have dry hair and you want to add some shine and fragrance (natural ones) to your strands!


So I have used it once to twice a week for 3 weeks already! I still love it! It feels such a treat to your hair, because as you can see the golder color, this shampoo is full of goodness essential oils and it really relaxes me when I smell that gorgeous scent and it nourishes my hair so well! I also did it as the box suggested, first round wash your hair with it as normal and then apply the second time and leave it on your hair for 2-3 minute before you rinse it off.

My hair and scalp are both dry, so dry that the side of my temple flakes sometimes! After using this shampoo this got so much better! I know this is expensive though, even more expensive than the professional L’oreal shampoo but you only need to use it once or twice a week. So just use it at the weekend or Sunday to pamper your hair regularly!! Your hair will thank you : )

Xoxo Meesh

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