French Product Review – Anne Semonin 100% Active Serum

Hello everyone! So I have unboxed a new item today and immediately I have to share with you all. ; D

photo 1 (1)

photo 5

It is the Anne Semonin 100% Active Serum that I have opened! This Serum is on the fancy side, definitely. Costing €137 / HKD$1700 depending where you purchase it and in which country. With this price, I definitely have a high expectations for this serum!

photo 3

Anne Semonin is a more “haute couture” line of spa product from France. From the outside, you can see that the serum is contained in a regular dropper, which is efficient and very hygienic. The serum is in light brown gel liquid texture and upon application the skin absorbs the serum quickly, which I like. It doesn’t have that sticky residue and some of the moisturizing serum gives. As for anti-ageing purpose, I haven’t use it for long enough to review this. But I will definitely write a more details review after a few weeks!

Any of you beauties have used this serum before? Please your thoughts with me in the comment below! Would love to know what others feel about this!



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