lash curler shu uemura

Shu Uemura lash curler with Shiseido rubber pad refill

One morning, I found the rubber pad of my Shu umera curler cracked and a lash is stuck in the crack! *omg* So this is what happened when you don’t change your rubber pad often and I learnt it the hard way. (Check yours and if it’s overdue, RUN to get refills and change it.)

I already have this bad habit of rubbing my eyes often at night, especially after I have removed my make up, sometimes I rub my own lashes off. I cannot afford my curler to add damage to my lashes!

lash curler shu uemura

So I went to the counter of Shu umera to get some rubber refill. To my surprise, the SA there told me that they don’t sell refills of rubber pads!

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Change your look with wearable darker and thicker eyebrows

I am finally more free with time off this week! Hooray!! So I decided to explore a new look with darker brows!

I have naturally thick brow and it grows fairly fast so I have to pluck them very often in order to look normal. : P I normally carry light brown / honey hair color so I have been sporting a medium brown brow regularly.

Since my hair has been dyed to an ombré color with dark brown roots going down to light golden brown at the ends, now that my roots has grown out more and more, I am having a darker overall color now. I love light brown shades but I wanted to stop dying and bleaching my hair for a while because they are damaged from previous colorings.

So today I decided to change the style of my brows going darker than usual! Here is how I look!


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Makeup Review | Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow No. 06 Almond (Mind you. It is NOT sheer!)


This product is JUST GORGEOUS! Holly Grail status for work and that natural beauty look you want to achieve! This is actually the first makeup product I got from Burberry, but god, I fell in love with it instantly! For working girls like me, a good brown eyeshadow is always good for any occasions, and sooooo work appropriate! This color is a taupey-brown and it is Oh-so-sexy in a subtle way! The finish is matte with a luminescence to it and the product itself is so buttery smooth! I cannot stop raving about this products and telling all my girlfriends about it!

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