huaxing-restaurant hong kong

Nom nom Nom | 華星客棧 Capital Café in Kennedy Town (new branch)

Hi everyone this is my very first post on food!

huaxing-restaurant hong kong

As many my friends all know, I don’t like eating at very local eateries and restaurants in Hong Kong, because I eat very slow – fact! And eating in those local eateries (Cha chaan Tang), I often get rushed by the waiters and the people standing and waiting behind your seat – just part of the local culture here! And eating at those local places often made me stress and I prefer to have my meal relaxed….

So, going to Cha chaan tang (茶餐廳) is not my favorite thing but I really like going to those ice chamber (冰室) ! They are like HK style diner and they serve very nice scrambled eggs and thick toasts!

huaxing-restaurant hong kong

ohhhh how I love a plate of good scrambled egg with very thick toasts, bbq pork macaroni in soup and hot cocoa! The scramble eggs are served hot and smooth, and the hot cocoa is not sweetened, which I really like. I don’t like my drink with sugar. This chain is just about HK style comfort food! Scramble eggs, hams, extra thick toasts with butter and macaroni in soup, just to name a few! They also serve chicken wing and other noodle soups as well.

The branch I went to is the brand new one in Kennedy Town, this is a little different than the rest, and the name is also slightly different, it is called Capital Inn! The interior is mimicking the old Chinese style Inn so the decor is actually quite nice and interesting! They also serve more variety of dishes here at Capital Inn in Kenneday Town, more than the rest of the Capital Café.

huaxing-restaurant hong kong

If you live in Hong Kong and have never tried Capital Café / Capital Inn? You should definitely give it a try! Waiters there are quite nice compare to other similar style diner / CCT. The vibe there is also less stressful, namely this one in Kennedy Town. If you don’t live in HK, be sure one day when you visit this city, check this place out! : )

meesh x

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